Aspiring To Home: South Asians in America , by Bakirathi Mani, was published by Stanford University Press in 2012.  On pages 175-176 of Aspiring to Home, the author discusses the art work “Ultra Maxi” Priest.  Those pages erroneously attributed information and statements to the artist’s notes and wall text accompanying the presentation of that work.

Bakirathi Mani has apologized to the artist, and she and Stanford University Press have worked together to remove the error from the first printing of Aspiring to Home. The error has been corrected in the digital version of the book, the remaining copies from its first printing, and in all subsequent printings. Any person seeking to quote from or republish information from pages 175 and/or 176 of the first printing of Aspiring to Home should check the digital version of the book or obtain an errata sheet from Stanford University Press.